LLCD002 (CD)

Lenny Bove - bass, vocals, effects
Tom Herman - guitar, vocals
Roger Prehoda - drums
Glenn Reynolds - drums

Tripod Jimmie, a band that existed between 1981 and 1986, featured guitarist Tom Herman, a founding member of Pere Ubu and currently a member of I Am Your Conscience. The music is a mixture of avant-punk, noise, and eclectic influences. Unclaimed Freight consists of eleven excellent songs that, for one reason or another, fell through the cracks. Three of the songs are from Jimmie's first time in a recording studio in 1981, seven from a 1986 demo for a third album that was never released. The last song, "Black Beach", was recorded for the second album but was omitted for reasons of length.


"Sometimes it takes a little while for the wrongs of the world to be made right. Case in point: this posthumous collection of music from Tripod Jimmie which may awaken people to the group's groundbreaking music. Totally indescribable on paper, the band's sound fell somewhere between Gang Of Four, the B-People and a less surly version of The Fall, mingled with more obscure and unexpected influences like Trout Mask Replica-era Beefheart Magic Band."

-James Lein, CMJ (April 24, 1995)


"Tripod Jimmie had a lean post-punk energy perfectly at home among the Minutemen, Method Actors, and other like-minded bands of the era; after two excellent, underappreciated LP's they quietly vanished. Find their albums if you can, though 'Freight' would serve as a decent introduction and not just an artifact for completists."

-Scott Becker, Option (May/June 1995)


"It's funky, fun, and tweaked really hard..."

-Mark Keating, Sound Views (issue #35)


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