Your conscience. That part of you which observes. Things happen around you. You act - you react, and that little recording device inside you keeps track. Keeps score. Once in a while, it comments. Sometimes with a joke. Sometimes with a slap. Usually though, it just reminds you how things really are.

He said
"I'll give you anything your heart desires
But these things I must reserve
You must maintain humility
And abstain from dishonesty."

I Am Your Conscience. A little science fiction. A fair amount of silliness. The story of your life, in a different context. Told with authority.

She sees the old woman's half smile
She's had trouble with her before

As a founding member of Pere Ubu, Tom Herman (guitar) influenced a generation or two of noisy guitarists. He later formed the avant garage band, Tripod Jimmie. He devoted several years to wrecking motorcycles and rebuilding old cars. He recently returned to music by touring with Pere Ubu in the US and Europe.

Lennie Bove (bass, vocals) was Tom's partner in Tripod Jimmie. After Jimmie, he formed 3D Jesus, and, recently, Little Bat Man. His hobbies include stop action animated film making, recumbent bicycles, and rocketry.

And I started to chase that thing
Every time it got too far ahead
It'd stop and wait for me

Mike Freitas (percussion) is college educated, although his B.A. in percussion wasn't evident in the post-punk tribal funk band, Dot 3 (no Charles Ives here, lads). He holds a steady job at a music software company with...

Cory Verbin (keyboards, guitar). Cory, also degreed, handled keys with Germano Warfare. He has done time as a bike messenger and a Repo Man.

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