Story of Pere Ubu - 1
Excerpts from "The Official Ubu Communex Version of Events"

In Cleveland, in the summer of 1975, all the bands were breaking up. The creative land rush of the years 1972-74 was played out. A generational window was passing over a mini sub-culture naively dedicated to the odd proposition that Rock Music was a serious art form; that no longer a donkey for Teen Angst, Fashion, Youth Rebellion or counter-Culture dogma, Rock Music was leaving its adolescence behind, at the door of Young Manhood, on the threshold of Full Maturity.

David Thomas had a group called Rocket From The Tombs. When it fell apart in the summer of 1975 he decided to record an artifact. This artifact, he hoped, would gain him entry into the Brotherhood of the Unknown that was gathering in used record bins everywhere. He thought Pere Ubu was a good name.