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David Thomas wrote the original text of most of these pages and did some of the preliminary HTML markup. Bo Orloff did the design, layout, editing and most of the HTML and is solely responsible for the Ubu Links page. Many of the images used on Ubu Web, including the original Avant Garage image, are by John Thompson, who has done much of Ubu's design work and helped the band in a wide variety of capacities since the early days. Complete art credits for the various album covers reproduced on the site will be found in the forthcoming discography section. Some of the texts are from record company publicity materials written by nameless record company publicity people.

Geek Stuff

If you're not a geek (or at least someone with a geeky side) you'll probably want to stop reading now.

While we've tried as much as possible to make these pages look reasonably good (or at least readable) in as many different browsers as possible, they will probably look best in browsers that support a fair amount of the proposed HTML 3.0 spec such as Arena, Netscape 2.0 and browsers based on the 2.0 version of Spyglass' Enhanced Mosaic (including Microsoft's Internet Explorer 2.0). Some pages do make use of Netscape specific tags, but we've tried to use them in ways that won't look too terrible in most other browsers.

The lack of a simple standard way to make pages with margins in HTML is one of its most egregious difficiencies. Many of Ubu Web's pages use centered tables to create margins, which unfortunately looks all messed up in Netscape 1.0, because it supports the <CENTER> tag but doesn't support HTML Tables. These same pages should look fine in browsers that ignore both <CENTER> and Tables (though they won't have margins). Some other pages here use <BLOCKQUOTE> to create the margins, but this is a cheap trick which mostly only works properly in Netscape, so we'll try to fix it eventually.

This site was developed on a Mac, so some of the graphics may look too dark on many Wintel machines. PC users may wish to adjust the gamma settings of their monitors to compensate for this when viewing Ubu Web. On any platform these pages will look best in 16 bit color (thousands of colors) or better on a monitor capable of displaying a resolution of 800 X 600 or better, but should look ok in 8 bit color (256 colors) on monitors capable of at least 640 X 480 resolution. For best effect you should make the width of your browser window at least as wide as a the maximum width of a window on a 640 X 480 monitor.

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