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Press Articles

Boston Globe, City Weekly (2/26/06): Letter: Cheaper and more efficient, 'munis' are viable alternative

Boston Globe (2/24/06): Wind turbines gaining power

Boston Globe, City Weekly (2/12/06): Electric power to the people

Cambridge Chronicle (2/9/06): Letter: Muni electric deserves unbiased analysis

Cambridge Chronicle (2/2/06): Re-volting cost sparks debate

Stoneham Sun (1/11/06): Energy push gets industry opposition

Boston Globe, South section (1/5/06): Lighting plant faces changes

Boston Globe, South section (1/8/06): Towns weigh taking power into their own hands

Lexington Minuteman (11/23/05) Letter: Cable TV will air environmental show

Lexington Minuteman (11/17/05) Letter: Bill must pass before increases start

Lexington Minuteman (11/10/05) Letter: End utility monopolies

Cambridge Chronicle (11/10/05) Letter: 'Muni' could save residents money

Cambridge Chronicle (11/10/05) Letter: Municipal utility comes at a cost

Weston Town Crier (11/10/05) Letter: Concerns over electrical increases

Littleton Independent (11/10/05) Despite rate increase, Light Department rates remain low

Newton TAB (11/9/05) Environmental show on MUNIs

Cambridge Chronicle (11/3/05) Letter: Municipal utility would save $$$

Lexington Minuteman (11/3/05) Letter: Why can't Lexington pay less too?

Cambridge Chronicle (10/27/05) Letter: Municipal power a money-saver

Lexington Minuteman (10/27/05) Letter: Help turn Lexington into a 'green' town

Cambridge Chronicle (10/27/05) Letter: Reading in the dark

Lowell Sun (10/23/05) Littleton takes on technology

Boston Globe, Cambridge news in brief (10/23/05): Power to the people

Boston Globe, West section (10/20/05) Letter: NStar is wrong on municipal utilities

Cambridge Chronicle (10/20/05): City may wield its power

Cambridge Chronicle (10/20/05) Editorial: Study the power company issue

Lexington Minuteman (10/20/05) Letter: Thanks to Kaufman, no thank to NStar

Boston Globe, West section (10/13/05): Power to the people

Lexington Minuteman (10/13/05) Letter: Electricity is cheaper in Belmont

Brattleboro Reformer (10/10/05): Publicly-owned power delivery gaining momentum

Concord Monitor (10/9/05): Municipal power gains currency

Free Press (10/9/05): Proposal would flip switch on public utilities (MA)

Cape Cod Times (10/9/05): Proposal would flip switch on public utilities

Mass Live.com (10/9/05): Consumer advocates want to flip the switch to public power delivery

The Standard Times (10/9/05): Time to flip the switch?

Berkshire Eagle (10/9/05): Bill would encourage municipal utilities

Lowell Sun (10/9/05): Bill would encourage municipal utilities

New Rules Project (Institute for Local Self-Reliance) (10/10/05): Increased municipal utility formation the goal of legislation in Massachusetts

Boston Globe (10/9/05): Consumer advocates want to flip the switch to public power delivery

WHDH TV Boston (10/8/05): Bill would make it easier for municipalities to control utilities

Newburyport Current (10/7/05): Push for muni-electric companies

Lexington Minuteman (10/6/05) Letter: Time for town to take over system

Lexington Minuteman (10/6/05) Letter: Lexington needs more options

Boston Globe (10/2/05) Letter: More arguments for munis

Lexington Minuteman, editorial (9/29/05): Why not give munis a chance?

Newton TAB (9/28/05): Push for more muni-electric co's

Old Colony Memorial (Plymouth) (9/28/05): Plymouth Power Co.?

The Transcript, editorial (9/27/05): Allow communities the 'muni' option

Boston Globe, editorial (9/25/05): Local power

SNL - Power Daily Northeast (9/23/05): Massachusetts municipal utility bill gains support

Lexington Minuteman (9/22/05): Bill would make town 'munis' easier

Lowell Sun (9/22/05): Bill would let towns form their own electric company

The Beacon (Acton) (9/22/05): Towns may soon be able to buy utility assets

Patriot Ledger (Quincy) (9/21/05): Bill could spur spread of local electric utilities

Daily News Tribune (Waltham) (9/21/05): Politicians differ over utility plan

State House News Service (9/20/05): Push for more muni-electric companies runs into industry opposition

Power Daily Northeast (8/15/05): Massachusetts bill would ease creation of municipal utilities

Boston Globe (8/11/05): A defeat on dual utility poles may spur interest in new bill

Boston Globe, op-ed (3/12/05): Let's jolt the electric companies

Lexington Minuteman (5/13/04): Town-owned electrical plant will be studied

Boston Globe (2/26/04): Town ponders ownership of power system

Boston Globe, letter to Editor, Northwest section (1/4/04): NStar didn't do its homework

Boston Globe, Northwest section (12/25/03): Bill may ease way for town light plant

Boston Globe, West section (8/21/03): Proposed law would help towns form electric utilities

Boston Globe, editorial (6/13/03): Generating local power

Lexington Minuteman (3/27/03): Options for lower rates and better service: local "muni"

Lexington Minuteman (10/5/01): Research: Lexington residents pay 45% more than Concord

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