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Ever hear of Snowmobile racing -
Sure you have.
But in August - across a small pond ?

This is an annual event at a campground over in Michigan.
As you can see, folks come from all around to witness,
and participate in this unique event.
We knew about it, but never made it there - until this year :)

They were racing two snowmobiles at a time across this small pond.
They would start on the beach area, race across to the other side,
and run up an exit area to dry ground.
Then, they would be hauled back via an ATV with a small trailer.
For those that didn't quite make it all the way - and sank -
The barge (on the left side of the 1st photo) with a small winch
would come out and lift the snowmobile from underwater.
The idea is, each snowmobiler has a closed milk jug tied to a rope,
which is tied to the end of the snowmobile.
In case of sinking, the barge motors over, grabs the jug,
attachs the rope to the winch -
and up comes a soggy snowmobile, like a fish dangling from a rod -

Here are two snowmobiles racing across the water.

Here's another single snowmobile racing across the water.

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