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We are studying "percussion" in the school band, and here are my drums...
They were in the living room, but now are down in the basement.
I used to carry the "snare drum" (the small silver one)
back and forth to school on those days
when we have band practice.
Now, in Jr High, they have all the instruments at school.
Recently, I've been playing the "bells".

Here we are up at the lake,
swimming out to grab the tow rope
and do some "knee boarding".
My cousin Eric is on the far left - sitting on his waverunner,
then Uncle Jim with his hat on,
and then my Dad with no hat or hair :)

Oh yeah - I have also gone up in the air, too.
This was a weekend flight with an EAA Young Eagles flight instructor.
This plane is called a Varga -
it's a tandem seating (front/back) plane.
It sure was different wearing the headphones & mic,
just so we could talk to each other, along with the tower.

OK - I'm up and running on the Knee Board.

Soccer - 1998
Here I am as the Goalie.
Not much got by me -
until everyone started getting taller :)

But now - I've caught up...

Soccer - 2000
Here is our championship team - the Ravens - from the 2000 season.
I'm holding the ball, and my Dad is one of the coaches,
along with Coach Ploense.
One of the parents sprayed all our hair - so we would all be one team!
I mostly play defensive positions, as a mid-fielder or defender.
This is the final standings of the season.
Div. 4A - 10 yrs old
Place Team Name * * W---L---T-----Pts.---Goals--Against
1st Ravens * * 6---1---0-----59-----27----9
2nd Dominators * * 5---1---1-----51-----22----7
3rd Vipers * * 4---1---2-----44-----16----6
4th Eagles * * 3---2---2-----43-----23---12
5th The Fire * * 3---2---2-----41-----18---16
6th Red Devils * * 4---2---1-----40-----14----7
7th Ice Demons * * 3---2---2-----37-----13----8
8th Hornets * * 2---4---1-----30-----15---26
9th Burgundy Bruisers * * 1---5---1-----16------8---19
10th Lakers * * 0---5---2------8------2---16
11th The Lightning * * 0---7---0------1------1---34

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