* ARES: Amateur Radio Emergency Services Section

Welcome to the ARES Section of the Eastern Massachusetts ARES/RACES/SKYWARN homepage. In this section you will find links to my local ARES group newsletters, information on ARES training oppurtunities, public service event listings that are in my SEMCARES newsletter, as well as public service events across Eastern Massachusetts.
Also, be sure to check out the SEMCARES home page that Tony Duarte, N1XRS, my Assistant Emergency Coordinator for SEMCARES has put together with some of my assistance. It will be featuring many new and exciting things including pictures from emergency communication and public service events done throughout the year by SEMCARES and any other contributing ARES groups throughout the section.


Introduction to the Amateur Radio Emergency Services

Eastern Massachusetts Emergency Call Up Net Drill Preamble

Complete SEMCARES Event and Training Schedule

1998 SEMCARES Search and Rescue Drill Report

1999 SEMCARES Search and Rescue Drill Report

Relay for Life'97 Special Event Done by SEMCARES

SEMCARES Amateur Radio Picture Page

SEMCARES Newsletter Archive

Eastern Massachusetts Public Service List

Download the Latest Version of the South Coastal MA ARES Emergency Plan

Links to many other ARES sites on the internet

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