1902 - 1980

Short Biography

  • Born in Rogachev, Belorussia.
  • Studied at The Leningrad Academy of Arts 1921-1926.
  • Became a member of Union of Artists in 1939.
He participated in group exhibitions at home and abroad and had several one-artist shows in the West.
No solo exhibition of his works was organized in his homeland during his lifetime, and to this day Soviet officialdom resists honoring the artist with a one-artist show, despite his worldwide acclaim.

Major International Exhibitions

  • 1966 - Vienna.
  • 1971 - Leipzig.
  • 1991 - New York.

Museum Collections

  • Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow.
  • Russian Museum, St.Petersburg.
  • Rerich Museum, New York.
  • Leipzig Kunstmuseum.
  • Jerusalem Art Museum.
Private Collections in USA, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Israel, Netherlands..

Selected Bibliography

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Men and Horses.

Etching. 30x23 cm.
Signed by pencil.

Man and Woman with a Hen.

Etching. 30x23 cm.
Signed by pencil.
[jpeg: 41K]