1891 - 1967
People's Artist Of The Russian SSR
Professor, Academic of USSR Academy of Art

Short Biography

  • Born in St.Petersburg, Russia.
  • Studied under F.A.Rubo and M.D.Bernschtine.
  • Since 1918 Professor at St.Petersburg's Art Academy.

Museum Collections

  • Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow.
  • Russian Museum, St.Petersburg.
  • Museum of Art Academy, St.Petersburg.
  • Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow.
  • Fine Art Museum, Tula.
  • Kaunas Art Museum, Lithuania.
  • Tallin Art Museum, Estonia.
  • Tbilisi Fine Art Gallery, Georgia.
Private Collections in England, USA, Russia, Netherlands, France, Italy.

Selected Bibliography

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Gouache, Drawing. 20x14 cm.
Signed in initials.
Dated 1920.