1883 - 1973
Soviet Graphic Artist
Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Short Biography

  • Studied in Moscow at the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecrure
    and at the Stroganov Industrial Art School in 1902-1904.
  • Attended private art school in Paris in 1905-1906.
  • Joined the World of Art association in 1916.
  • Was also a book designer. In 1922 designed edition of Edgar Allan Poe's
    "The Goldbug".
  • Mitrokhin was a master of wood engraving 1923-1934,
    lithography 1925-1934,
    line engraving and drypont since 1927,
    drawings and watercolors.
  • Taught as a professor at the Leningrad Institute of Art and Technology 1924-1931.

Museum Collections

  • Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow.
  • Russian Museum, St.Petersburg.
  • Gorky Fine Art Museum, N.Novgorod.
  • Memorial House-Museum of A.Brodsky, St.Petersburg.
Private Collections in USA, Russia, Canada, France, Italy, Ukraine, Estonia.

Selected Bibliography

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  • Great Soviet Encyclopedia, Vol.16, 1974.


Egyptian Motif.

WC. 31x21 cm.
Full signature.
Dated 1915.
[jpeg: 54K]


Engraving. 10x12 cm.
Signed by pencil.
Dated 1933.

In the Street.

Etching. 13x16 cm.
Signed and titled in the plate.
Dated 1935.
[jpeg: 27K]

Leningrad. Vasilievskii Island.

Etching. 18x12 cm.
Signed in the plate.
Dated 1937.
[jpeg: 19K]

At the River Bank.

Etching. 10x16 cm.
Signed in the plate.
Dated 1935.
[jpeg: 32K]