Dear sir or Madame.

I wish to introduce the first time offering of the largest world's collection of fine Russian art. The collection includes 23 works by important Russian artists of the twentieth century. The artists represented in the collection belong to one of two generations. The oldest artists are started their carrier in early twentieth. World's largest artists such as professor Dmitrii Mitrokhin (1883-1973), professor Vladimir Lebedev(1891-1967) and artist Anatolii Kaplan (1902-1980) are represented in the collection. The second generations of artists belonged to the nonconformist school represented by Viacheslav Kalinin (b 1939) and Valentin Khrushch.

The collection of works by V. Kalinin includes 14 original art works from the period 1980-1987.This is the largest and most important collection his works in the world. Born in Moscow in 1939 he graduated with honors Abramtsevo art school in 1962. His first show was at 1962 in Union of Artists. And now his exhibition's list included more then one hundred domestic and international shows. In 1974 five of his paintings were put on display at the USSR Economic Achievement in Moscow. Display first semi-official show was arranged. In this time he also drew together with such artists as O.Rabin, V,Sitnikov, I.Kabakov. In 1975-76 he established and became the leader "The group of seven". This group also included such artists as Vechtomov, Krasnopevtsev, Nemukhin, Plavinsky and Kharitonov. V Kalinin's bibliographies include 150 articles, exhibition catalogues and monographs in 23 languages. A lot of his works were bought by famous museums such as the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Tretiakov Gallery and Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Modern Art, the Russian Museum in Exile (USA), the Pampidou center in Paris and other museums and private collectors in the world.

Many works from our collection have been reproduced in many art books and monographs.

Another artist represented in our collection: Valentin Khrusch was born in 1943.He belongs to Kandinsky's and Malevich's followers of Russian contemporary art. His name is famous both in Russia and abroad.

The collection is offered for sale and supported by official legal documents.

P.S. Free books regarding artists in the collection are available to the purchaser.

Please note that the collection is only offered for sale as a complete lot.

Thank you for your attention.