1998 Tahoe LT 2d 4X4 5.7L "350R"

Check out the pictures of my 1998 Chevy Tahoe at the bottom of this page.

Dunlop A/T Radial Rover LT285/75R16 tires (32.7" x 11.4") (2nd set in 2011) at Sears
mounted on GMC Denalli 16x9" Chrome #5067 rims or SKU: 5094 GJ14a or 6 X 5.5 5094 9593137

Code-Alarm, SureStart LX - full security system.

Cat back duel exhaust with a Flowmaster 50 Series muffler (dual 2.5" in/out) and 3" dia., stainless, scavenger pipes
installed by Lou's Custom Exhaust, North Reading, MA. The Flowmaster muffler is way to loud for my ears.

Lou's got a little expensive, $600.00 in six years.
So, I had William S. McKinnon at the Meineke Car Care Center in Reading, MA (781 942 0104) install a dual, cat back system using a Cherry Bomb Vortex (dual 3" in/out) muffler with 2' of 3" dia., stainless, scavenger pipes sticking out the back. It's a little louder than I'm comfortable with at speeds between 30-50 mph.. But, at speeds above 50 mph. (in 4th) it's "kinda" quiet.
In September of 2012 I had Steve and Bill work their magic again. This time they reconfigured the wrong tail pipes that were sent (that took one month to arrive) and installed a RUSH (PN#: 72468) Stainless Steel Hi-Flow Performance Muffler from Lawson Industries. This muffler is exactly what I was listening for. Nice and quiet inside and a non-stock, dual exhaust growl out the back.

Accel cap #120141 and rotor #130141 - nice, smooth idle, solid acceleration.
For some reason my Tahoe requires a new cap and rotor every year - corrosion. NAPA and AutoZone heavy duty caps and rotors only last a few months.
I finally purchased a new OEM distributor - no more premature cap and rotor corrosion.
I purchased an Accel GM HEI Remote Mount Super Coil 140024.

AC Delco 41-932 Platinum Sparkplugs

K & N air intake system - performance was further enhanced. However, the sticky stuff killed my Mass Airflow Sensor - not good.

The chip was reprogrammed with a Hypertech Power Programmer III purchased at Indy Auto Parts in Peabody, MA.
Because I did not change the thermostat, rear axle, transmission, use only 97 octane gas and do not drive with my foot through the floor (WOT), I believe I have wasted 367 bucks - we'll see.

BLIND SPOTZ! Safety Mirrors, by Steel Horse - I can't drive without them.

Smittybilt #S2C Sure-Step; Chrome; One Piece Side Bars. - After five years I took them off - too much rust.

At Northern Auto Parts I received the best price for Monroe Reflex Shocks ]1998 - Tahoe - 4 W.D. 1995 - 1999 All 2 Door - Exc.w/ Z71 Off Road Package] #911043 front and #911087 rear. My Tahoe always rode great. With these Monroe Reflex Shocks you will not believe the difference in the improved ride and the handling. New England pot holes and surface depressions that would normally cause a bang or pop to be felt and heard, are now reduced to a dull thud or nothing at all.

Lund #12012 SunVisor - no lights

The body and paint, Indigo Blue Metallic, is maintained with Maquire's SwirlX and Gold Class Liquid Wax, used with very little elbow grease.
I drive her at least 200 miles a week, so the road and shopping cart assault has been about normal. You also have to consider the body/painted surfaces are 25" above the road. When more extensive body work was required, I drive directly to the Liberty Chevrolet Body Shope. Sal Dimare and his crew do an excellent job. Give Sal a call at 781 287 7543. Since 2000; both bumpers were replaced under warranty (due to excessive rust on the back side), the passenger door skin was replaced last year (due to rust and lower weld failure, which also rusted the door sill) and both lower sides (under the doors, between the wheel wells) were resurfaced and painted this year.

PIAA 1500xt Halogen Lamp System, #1551 Foul Weather Lamps.

I lowered the air dam 1/2" to mount the lights where the tow hooks were using a 1/2" x 3/4 x 58" rubber strip bonded to the air dam. Therefore, I also needed 11, 1/2" longer bolts from the air dam into the OEM bumper fasteners. You'll never guess what I used for cowling rings around both lights - they look better than OEM.
The supplied switch and connector suck. If you don't pull the wires out of the connector you have to drill a LARGE hole in the firewall. The switch has the wires comming out of the bottom, so no flush mount is possible. I had to made a seam mount on the left side of the steering column. Now that I have it all up and in - the lights on the switch are defective. You'd think spending a 186 bucks for lights would include a decent switch - live and learn.

My 98 Chevy Tahoe

Caution - TD Performance Products Chrome Differential Cover #4135 was not designed for a Tahoe.

Manufacturers Links at Summit

Let the spending begin;
2008 80k miles - Purchased 2nd set of Dunlop LT285/75R16 tires
2009 90k miles - The dreaded blinking security light and fuel cutoff = bad Passkey II value. OEM repair.
2009 95k miles - Oil cooler failed and flooded the engine with coolant. Cleaned out engine and replaced oil cooler.
2009 95k miles - Air bag light on. OEM replaced connection under steering wheel cover.
2010 100k miles - Head lights not working. OEM replaced Lights/signal/wiper/cruse module on steering column.
2011 105k miles - Crank bearings shot. Replaced engine.
2011 105k miles - new engine not running well. OEM relaced cats and acouple of sensors.
2012 110k miles - Drivers lower door frame rotted. Replace drivers door.
2012 110k miles - replaced all brakes and lines, lower balls, all u-joints and front sway bar.
2013 115k miles - replaced fuel pump, fuel lines and gas tank.
2014 122k miles - replaced brakes, calipers, master, recut drums and rotors.
15 October 2014 - 4 November 2014 Liberty Chevy, Wakefield, MA = TWENTY DAYs! [ Cost $495.98] - Brake pedal goes right to the floor.
12 January 2015 - 21 January 2015 Liberty Chevy, Wakefield, MA = NINE DAYs! [Cost $3,518.54] - Brake pedal goes right to the floor.
27 March 2015 - to Lannan Chevy, Woburn, MA. Lannan GM Technician, "brake system defective and must be replaced" - Brake pedal goes right to the floor.
12 April 2015 - to Liberty Chevy, Wakefield, MA = FOURTEEN DAYS. "We can not find the problem".
My 98 Chevy Tahoe
Notice how the brake pedal is wearing a hole in my floor mat - Yeah, that's normal.
Brake pedal goes right to the floor - still.
GM can't fix my brakes.
Ever since 13 October 2014, I have not had a safe dependable GM vehicle to drive up to the present.


Length: 188 in.                 4d Length: 199.6 in          2002 LT 4d Length: 196.9 in.
Width: 77.1 in.                                              2002 LT 4d Width: 78.9 in.
Height: 72.8 in.                                             2002 LT 4d Height: 76.3 in.
Weight: 4952 lbs.               4d Weight: 4865 lbs          2002 LT 4d Weight: 5050 lbs.
Wheel Base: 111.5 in.           4d Wheel Base: 117.5 in      2002 LT 4d Wheel Base: 116 in.
Ground Clearance: 9.8 in.                                    2002 LT 4d Ground Clearance: 8.4 in.
Front Head Room: 39.9 in.                                    2002 LT 4d Front Head Room: 40.7 in.
Front Hip Room: 60 in.                                       2002 LT 4d Front Hip Room: 61.4 in.
Front Shoulder Room: 65.4 in.                                2002 LT 4d Front Shoulder Room: 65.2 in.
Rear Head Room: 37.8 in. 
Rear Shoulder Room: 66 in. 
Rear Hip Room: 60.7 in. 
Front Leg Room: 41.7 in. 
Rear Leg Room: 36.4 in. 
Maximum Seating: 6 
Acceleration (0-60 mph): 9.5 sec.
Braking Distance: 152 ft. 
Road Holding Index: 0.71 g 
Base Number of Cylinders: 8 
Base Engine Size: 5.7 liters                                 2002 LT 4d Base Engine Size: 5.3 liters
Base Engine Type: V8                                         2002 LT 4d Base Engine Type: V8
Horsepower: 255hp @ 4600 rpm                                 2002 LT 4d Horsepower: 285hp @ 5200 rpm
Torque: 330ft-lbs. @ 2800 rpm                                2002 LT 4d Torque: 325ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm
Maximum Payload: 1298 lbs.                                   2002 LT 4d Maximum Payload: 1750 lbs.
Maximum Towing Capacity: 6500 lbs.                           2002 LT 4d Maximum Towing Capacity: 8700 lbs.
Drive Type: 4WD                                              2002 LT 4d Drive Type: 4WD
Turning Circle: 39 ft.           4d Turning Circle: 39.8 ft  2002 LT 4d Turning Circle: 38.3 ft.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 30 gal.                                  2002 LT 4d Fuel Tank Capacity: 26 gal.

Over all, my truck is .... spirited.
My 98 Chevy Tahoe My 98 Chevy Tahoe

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