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My Trask DNA at; Ireland 64%, Great Britain 16%, West Europe 12%, Scandinavia 5%, Finland/Northwest Russia 2%

Join our Trask DNA study group at Collectively, we are resolving Trask Family mysteries.
Currently: The William Trask who married Bathsheba Haskins is not the son of Benjamin Trask and Mary Elliott.
Currently: The John Trask who married Sarah Owen is not the same John Trask who married Mary Weir.
Currently: The father of Daniel Webster Trask and Columbia Peluria Trask.
In Process: The Jonathan Trask Jr. that married Mrs. Hannah Gowing.
In Process: The real descendants of Noah Trask.

Our research has determined that 99.9% of the Trask families, located all over the world, are related to one another. The remaining 0.1% were; adopted, shortened their name to Trask, acquired the name Trask because they did not know their family name. Additionally, we are aware of record keepers annotating what illiterates have attempted to verbalized relative to dialect, e.g. Brask, Brack, Bresk, Frask, Fresk, Frack, Tresk, Trass, Track, Task and Tash. There is also the hand writing issues of the record keepers. Keep in mind, early on, most heads of families could only make their "mark". Finally, most of the earliest records were from church records - if you did not belong (for whatever reason), you did not get recorded.

We originally came from Thirsk, a region that was a Viking stronghold for many centuries in Hambleton district of North Yorkshire, England. Thirsk is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1089 as "Tresche", derived from the Viking (Old Norse) word "ūresk" which is best described by the word "marsh". The town is surrounded by a number of villages also having names of Danish origin, such as Thirlby, Boltby, Borrowby and Sowerby. The "by" suffix (Danish in origin) meaning village or farmstead.

There is no record that exists anywhere that precisely identifies a common progenitor between the following Traske or Trask families.

England, North America, Hawaii and Fiji - 1600's
Captain, William Traske's Family from 1623 Naumkeag
Osmonde Traske from 1640 Salem to Beverly and John Traske Sr.'s Family from 1700 Beverly to Lexington
Henry Traske's Family from 1652 Salem
Jonathan Trask Jr.'s Family from 1760 Lynn

England, Canada, Newfoundland, and Wales - 1600's
Henry Traske's Family

Finland - 1600's
Erik Knutson Trask's Family

England and New Zealand - 1700's
John Traske's Family

England and Australia - 1700's
Thomas Traske's Family

England and New Zealand - 1800's
Joseph Traske's Family

The Trask family, thanks to the co-operative effort and all the wonderful gifts of information, has become too large and cumbersome to download onto the Internet and into your PCs - more than 56,000 individuals born with the name of Trask or Traske.
Recently, we have received several private bible records, numerous unpublished handwritten, manuscripts and boxes of personal Trask family memorabilia. The impact on "our" genealogy is immense. It will take us months, if not longer, to sort and compile all of this new and glorious Trask family information.
All of the affected families have been notified and appraised of the restructuring of their families.
Please e-mail us for additional information so that we can continue to help each other and put "our" Trask family back together.

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We would have
serious objections with anyone attempting to sell any part of "our" passion for a profit.
All the bound books, formal papers, manuscripts and photocopied materials were submitted to us in "Good Faith".
We will diligently defend the contents of "The Trask Web Pages" from any exploitation for personal gain.

We have an additional 650 mb of Trask family information on hand.
Our Trask Library has well over three hundred donated items, i.e., books, periodicals and CDs.

If you did not find who your looking, need assistance or want to use "our" Trask family information - e-mail me.

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