Vol. 9, Issue No. 27/2002


The new 2003 AUAP Classification of US MBA for Foreign Students.

American Universities Admission Program (AUAP) gathers each year 12 worldwide panels of recruiters and personal managers, which rank the US MBA for International students. This classification takes into account the international image of each MBA, the average test scores of the accepted candidates and the average starting salary of its graduates. It is the only classification aimed at International students.

Since 1995, AUAP is the leader in helping (for fees) International students to enter American Masters in Business and Administration . AUAP has been accepted this year in the prestigious American Council on Education, which determines the general policies of the US Higher education and the US/foreign equivalencies. AUAP is a member of the AACRAO (American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers) and NAFSA (National Association of International educators).

2003 AUAP MBA General Classification with average annual starting Salaries (including Bonus) * = tied
 1*) University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) PA  $ 119,000
 1*) Stanford CA $ 125,000
 3) Harvard MA $ 122,000
 4) NorthWestern University (Kellogg) IL $ 115,000
 5) NYU (Stern) NY $113,000
 6) Columbia NY $122,000
 7) Cornell (Johnson) NY $117,000
 8) UC Berkeley (Haas) CA $117,000
 9) University of Chicago IL $ 115,000
10) Yale CT $113,000
11) MIT (Sloan) $115,000
12) UCLA (Anderson) $ $103,000
13) Duke (Fuqua) NC $ 155,000
14) U of North Carolina-Chapell hill (Kenan-Flager) NC $ 109,000
15) University of Southern California (Marshall) CA $ 95,000
16) Vanderbilt University (Owen) TN $101,000
17) Georgetown (Mc Donough) DC $ $ 100,000
18) Emory University (Goizueta) GA $103,000
19) U. Texas- Austin (McCombs) TX $ 107,000
20) Rice U (Jones) TX $99,000

What's new?
According to Dr J.N. Prade President of AUAP "Stanford jumped to the first placed tied with last year leader Wharton, because of its incredible average score at the GMAT (718). Wharton has still the best image and Harvard slowly is drifting away from its former leading position. Recruiters seemed disappointed by the performance of Harvard graduates and I noted that Harvard Business School is more perceived as a club that an institution where you learn Business technique. AUAP noticed also that the starting salaries gap between the top twenty MBA program is narrowing. Intelligent CEO and recruiting firms know now that there more than 5 quality MBA in the USA.... From the interviews we noted that a greater importance is given to the specialty classifications. People are not anymore more hired because of the name of a program but is by the quality of its Business teaching, which should be in accordance with the position requirements"

Classification by Specialties

1) University of Pennsylvania
2) Stanford University
3) New York University
4) NorthWestern University
5) University of Chicago

Entrepreneurship (i.e. for entrepreneurs who want to start or develop their own companies)
1) Babson College (MA)
2) Stanford University
3) Harvard University
4) Stanford University
5) University of Southern California

1) University of Pennsylvania
2) New York University
3) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4) University of Chicago
5) MIT

1) Stanford University
2) Harvard University
3) Northwestern University
4) University of Pennsylvania
5) Dartmouth College (Tuck) (NH)

International Business
1) Thunderbird Graduate School (AZ)
2) University of Pennsylvania
3) Columbia University
4) NYU
5) U. of South Carolina (Moore) SC

Management Information Systems
1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2) University of Texas/Austin
3) Stanford University
4) Duke
5) University of Pennsylvania

1) Northwestern University
2) University of Pennsylvania
3) Harvard University
4) Duke University
5) Stanford

Non Profit Organizations
1) Yale University
2) NorthWestern University
3) Stanford University
4) University of Chicago
5) University of Pennsylvania

Quantitative analysis
1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
2) University of Chicago
3) Purdue University/West Lafayette (Krannert) (IN)
4) Carnegie Mellon (PA)
5) Duke University (Fuqua) (NC)

E- commerce
1) Vanderbilt U. (Owen)
2) Carnegie-Mellon
3) MIT (Sloan)
4) U Of California Berkeley (Haas)
5) U Of Florida

Top Executive MBA
1) Duke University
2) Northwestern University
3) University of Pennsylvania
4) Columbia University

Rising star Award:
Each year AUAP gives a Rising Star to a program that improved or have added the most interesting features: The 2003 Rising star goes to Cornell University (Johnson School of Management) in Ithaca New York for its 7th place coming from 9th, reflecting a constant improvement over the years.

2003 Price of a US MBA:
Tuition fees varies for the 1047 MBA from $8,000 to $32,000 per year for Columbia. Most of the MBA are done in two years but there are more and more accelerated One year MBA. Cost of lodging and food varies but we think that the minimum total investment is $15 000 year up to $45 000. MBA is a professional diploma and scholarships are difficult However as you can see on our AUAP success list this year had tremendous success for quality students AUAP is the #1 organization in helping foreign students to enter US MBA.\
The successes of our students could be seen at:

AUAP provides a complete range of services to international students. Among them:

A complete comprehensive that select universities help the student through the tests, essays, applications, letters of recommendation, translations, notarization evaluations of grades and Diploma interviews, research of financial aid, Visa, etc. It guarantees admission with a money back guarantee.

Selection of Test Preparation Materials:
On line store of the selection of best books and CD roms to prepare at home for the mandatory tests.

AUAP Credential Evaluation Services:
Diploma and Course per Course evaluation of any foreign studies. Those evaluations are quasi mandatory for any competitive MBA.

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