Vol. 9, Issue No. 27/2002


Feel free to contact any one of the list below directly. To be listed in an international Polish pen-pal directory free of charge, please send your particulars to:
Polish/Polonian Pen-Pals
ul. Kaniowska 24
01-529 Warsaw, Poland
NOTE: The following abbreviations are used in the pen-pal announcements below: M (male), F (female), h/i (hobbies/interests), p-p (pen-pal), e-p (e-pal), wsi (with similar interests), osa (of similar age), oaa (of any age), w-w (world-wide), wael (will answer every letter), L (language).

Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Dzieci
ul. Brzozowa 7
05-822 Milanowek, Poland
F & M 10-16: boys and girls belonging to the Society of Friends of Children would like to correspond with kids their age abroad. Their h/i include: table-tennis. music. dancing, meeting new people, some interested in the culture of other lands. L: Eng, Ger, Pol. (NOTE: This might be good a good contact for a class pen-pal project in some American school.)

Mark Bloniarz
86 Randolph Street
Altanta, GA 30312
M-32, single, works for Gheorgia Power (electric company), h/i: hikinh, reading, drawing and working on motorbikes. Hopes to find a preferably F p-p or e-p osa in Poland and Chicago (since he plans to move to Chicago).

Sarah Ostrowski
534 Harmony Baptist Road
New Castle, PA 16101
F-14, h/i: listening to music, watching movies, writing letters, 4-H (farming club), traveling, swimming, reading, soccer and basketball. Seeks F p-p osa w-w. Will try to answer every letter. L: Eng, very little Pol.

Nina Kowalczyk
Strzelce Klasztorne 9/4
66-500 Strzelce Krajenskie, Poland
F-19, h/i: travelling, foreign languages and cultures, music, meeting new people, geography. Seeks M or F p-p osa w-w. L. Pol & Eng.

Walter Pielarz, Jr
937 State Route 513
Cambridge, NY 12816
M-70, retired electrician & musician, h/i: music (jazz), golf & history. Both grandfathers hailed from Poland but speaks only English. Seeks a Polish p-p.

France Chorley
30, Spondon Road
London N15 4DX, England
M-61, married with two sons 15 and 17, h/i: classical music, operas, and the music of Johann Strauss and Franz Lehar. Seeks Polish or Hungarian pen-pals ort e-pals. L: Eng.

Marcin Tokar
ul. Daleka 2/1
57-200 Zabkowice Slaskie, Poland
M-18, h/i: bike riding, listening to good music, walking, swimming, basketball, football. Seeks F p-p 15-18 (esp. from USA). L: Eng & Pol.

Adam Bugajewski
ul. Koscielna 33
48-118 Lisiecice, Poland
M-20, student of economics, h/i: music, foreign languages and cultures, animals. Hopes to find p-p regardless of age & sex w-w; wael from foreign p-p. L: Eng & Pol.

Susan Kobetitsch (USA)
F-33, seeks Polish p-p 33 or older to help her learn about Polish history and possibly get information on her family heritage. L: Eng.

Lauc Southland (Los Angeles area, USA)
M-53, high-tech consultant/engineer, single, no vices. Seeks Polish F e-pal 36-42, college-educated with no previous children and living in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Rafal Szypulski
ul. 11 Listopada 2/8
07-410 Ostroleka, Poland
M-26, elteacher, h/i: USA, UK, EC, English, people, the world, cultures, music, marketing, travelling, collecting things and more. Seeks p-p w-w wsi; older p-p & teachers of English are most welcome. L: Eng.

Szkola Podstawowa Nr 120
im. Stefana Grabowskiego,
c/o Maria Rajchelt, Headmistress
and/or Barbara Wisniewska, English Teacher
ul. Centralna 40
91-503 Lodz, Poland
tel. (0-42) 659-7120
The pupils of this school in central Poland would like to correspond with school children from all over the world and bring about eye-opening and thought-provoking contacts through the magic of English.

Sharon Yasneski
F-58, American of Polish/Ukrainian descent, guidance secretary in a middle school, h/i: reading historical novels, walking, e-mailing and animals (5 cats). Seeks p-p in Poland or Ukraine.

Nick Howard (United Kingdom)
m-40, h/i: music, cinema, reading, computers, traveling, camping, walking, socializing with friends. Hopes to make new Polish friends. L: Eng.

Dorota Szmidt
ul. Grabieniec 20/133
91-140 Lodü, Poland
F-38, h/i: good books & films, travelling, photography, nature, learning news things & meeting people, walking, cycling, sailing. Seeks p-p wpw of any age. L: Eng, Pol.

Fred Sienkiewicz (USA)
M (age not given), h/i: science, history, animals, culture, education, world politics, etc. Seeks e-p in Poland with the surname Sienkiewicz; will answer every e-mail. L: Eng.

Justyna Kalinowska
ul. Przemyslawa 7c/7
11-130 Orneta, Poland
F-21, student of chemistry at Gdansk Polytechnic, single, crazy but sensitive & romantic, h/i: listening to music (esp. hard rock), reading & writing poetry, reading books (Wharton, Caroll), writing letters & making friends w-w. Seeks pal wsi who enjoys life loves to have fun. L: Pol, Eng.

Justyna Skrzecz
ul. Lipowa 37
18-400 Lomza
F-17, h/i: water sports, dancing, travelling, music (esp. hiphop) & volleyball. Seeks foreign p-p or e-p, future visit to Poland possible. Photo appreciated. L: Eng, Pol, little German.

Aleksandra (Poland)
F-17, h/i: listening to good music (rock), cinema, reading books, sports, swimming, animals. corresponding, collecting tickets. Seeks M or F p-p oaa w-w, L: Eng & Ger.

Pawel Szwarc
ul. Tolstoja 66/4
43-100 Tychy, Poland
M-16, h/i: chess, foreign languages and cultures. Seeks p-p osa and wsi w-w. L: Eng, Ger & Fr.

Monika Marie (Poland)
F-17, h/i: music, dancing, watching good films, cinema. Seeks e-p w-w of any age. L: Eng & Ger.

M-17, h/i: programming, net-surfing, girls, cycling, table-tennis. Seeks F e-p w-w. L: Eng & Ger.

Katarzyna Gadek
ul. 3 Maja 24/12
27-200 Starachowice, Poland
F-14, schoolgirl, h/i: music, film, literature, computers, finding new friends and more. Seeks M or F p-p oaa w-w (esp. Poland, UK, US, Germany, S. Africa, Japan); wael or e-mail. L: Pol, Eng, some Ger.

Jania Niedzielska
ul. Pszczynska 40/37
43-190 Mikolow, Poland
F-17, h/i: music, cycling, reading books, animals, biology. Seeks e-p w-w oaa. L: Eng & Ger.

Aleksandra Choma
ul. Batorego 12/7
43-100 Tychy, Poland
F-17, h/i: English culture, sport, god fun, music. Hopes to hear from people w-w, L: Eng, Ger.

Magdalena Trojanek
ul. Rolna 35/12
43-100 Tychy, Poland
e-mail: mag_31@poczta.
F-18, h/i: theatre, music, hiking, reading, cycling. Seeks e-p oaa w-w. L: Eng or Ger.

Pawel Szulc
ul. Bohaterow Warszawy 6a/5
66-400 Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland
M-11, schoolboy, h/i: watching TV, playing, travelling, reading, writing letters and sports. Seeks p-p w-w. L: Pol or Eng.

Vol. 9, Issue No. 27/2002

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