A Silicon Valley computer component provider needed a new Web site to could keep pace with its phenomenal growth and its confusing changes in products. Signum redesigned the site with innovations that changed a Web site from an old impediment into a new implement of success.

Indek Corporation, a retailer of computer thermal devices, was becoming a victim of its own success. Its constant addition and deletion of diverse products as well as their fluctuating prices was making their Web site out of date and difficult to navigate. When Indek called Signum to ask for assistance, meetings with Indek's top management were quickly completed and Signum started to work on a solution to their communications problem.

After analyzing Indek's existing Web site, it was apparent that a simplification of navigation, a reorganizing of information, a centralizing of pricing, and an online ordering form section would benefit Indek's sales. Signum interviewed Indek's management staff to determine their needs as well as their clients'. Once Signum's team had the parameters of the challenge in place, they went to work and designed a new Web site that increased their sales and their pride in their Web site.

Signum maintains Indek's Web site with product changes and a semi-monthly news update posting.


To capture a greater share of their niche market, GolfWeb needed to make their Web site more competitive. Signum listened to their directions and understood their client's goals. Signum served GolfWeb well by analyzing their competitors sites, researching their market and delivering high quality work on time and on budget.

GolfWeb's Webmaster came to Signum via another client's referral. He had built the existing first generation site himself but needed help to manage its rapid growth and to bring a more international appearance to its pages. The Webmaster needed experts who could understand the skills and tastes of his users while also advancing with the ever-evolving Web.

GolfWeb's target audience was the amateur golfers of the world who, while seeking news about the sport, would browse for goods and services from the advertisers. Large advertisers needed assistance with adjusting their print materials to the new digital media. Small advertisers needed to create entirely new material.

The Webmaster realized he was neither a marketer nor a graphic designer. He had to acquire those talents to maintain GolfWeb's lead in his growing niche market. He knew what the market demanded but could he find the right marketing oriented graphic designers to do the job. He found what he was looking for in Signum.

After listening to the Webmaster and interviewing other GolfWeb employees, Signum immersed itself into GolfWeb's site. After a thorough assessment of the client's e-commerce sector and an evaluation of their competitor's Web sites, Signum developed a design style for GolfWeb's sales area.

Emphasis was put on the clarity of the advertising layout and the ease of navigation through the sales material. This direction was important because the target audiences' profile was a busy executive who was not a skilled user of the Web. The desires of the advertisers to sell their goods and services were balanced with the needs and the habits of the user. Those were the dual challenges that were synthesized skillfully by Signum's team.


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Alps, a premiere Japanese "B to B" shipping company, had a visionary mission statement "to lead the field of logistics into the 21st century". What it did not have was a 21st century Web site to communicate that goal. Summoned by one of the world's leading advertising agencies, Dentsu-Tokyo, Signum built Alps the interactive digital marketing platform that it needed to obtain that goal.

Everyone at Alps wanted a Web site but not everyone could agree on its function. Signum's first task was to synthesize the needs and desires of the both the traditional management and the technologized staff to produce a Web site that satisfied both sectors.

What's more, Signum's client, Dentsu, had its own concepts about the site. The Web's potential was great yet Signum had to use its knowledge of e-commerce to give the client both what it needed and what it could use. Due to excellent client interface and project management, Signum produced a Web site that exceeded everyone's expectations.

Working closely with Dentsu and Alps, Signum transformed traditional marketing and sales materials into interactive information resources. Much like Alps' ships need charts to navigate around the world, Signum innovated navigational aids for the Web site users.

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