Isn't it a play about love and money? Or is it about friendship, justice and mercy? Is Shylock a despicable wretch or a casualty of racial strife? On the 400th aniversary of Shakespeare's play, this combustible mix resonates as much today as it did in 1598.

Shylock & Antonio

Salerio & Solanio

Bassanio & Portia

Set amidst the glorious decay of contemporary Venice, the production evoked the contrasting worlds of Christian and Jew, black and white, Armani and laborers, servant and master. It is a world where the use of masks, both figurative and literal, confounds the perception of class and society. Particularly with non-traditional casting, one can ask who are the outsiders in this society?



Directed by Craig Bacon

Set Design by Mark Symczak

Lighting Design by Peter Carpenter

Assistant Director Moira Brennan

Masks and Sculpture by Jeanne Cameron and Caroline Gibson


Matt Beckham John Blaylock Nora Colpman Jason Downs John Eddins John Hansen Jeff Kronson Michael Lewis Bill Mitchell Bruce Mohat John Moraitis Brenda Pitmon Jocelyn Rachel Mark Saturno Randy Soare Samme Johnston Spolan

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