Jill and Jack's Cloning Story

Jill and Jack

~ In Their Own Words ~

Jill: Our original son ran off to Los Angeles, but he'd been trouble from the word go.

Jack: Yes. We quickly disowned him, and worked on getting more children. Since Jill here is a bit above child-bearing years, we had to go high-tech anyway. Why not go for the best?? Our own genome, in its original combination? We decided to have a go at a boy and a girl, one from each of our cells. (Ed. Note: The clones themselves are not pictured here, but they are now healthy and happy three year olds.)

Jill: I told my original daughter, gotten the old biological way, that we'd disown her if she didn't carry our children. She's very accommodating -- carried the two of them, which were delivered as twins. Of course, they really aren't twins. Jack Jr. is Jack's child; Jillian is mine. And we're raising them a lot better. We learned from the first go-round.

Jack: Yes. I'm trying to raise them as identically as possible to the way we were raised. It's not all in the genes, you know. But I happen to think that my wife and I are prime specimens of humanity, and that our values are in the right place, and so I want my son to be my mirror in that regard. Well, I'd love him to be my spittin' image in just about every regard, you know.

Jill: Some people have told us we got into cloning for all the wrong reasons. But no, in our case it was a matter of the heart. We love ourselves. Why not raise up younguns which can reflect this back on ourselves?

Jack: Yes.

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