Martha and Her Clones

Ever wonder how a busy woman such as myself can keep fresh as a daisy?

Martha photo

Sure, having lots of employees helps. But I'm expected to be everywhere, anywhere! My three clones, from the Accelerated Clone Program, identical to me down to hairstyle and make-up, are an integral part of my life.

For example, recently I talked about keeping your bathroom cabinets in tip-top shape, to impress your guests who go through shelves and drawers while the door to the room is closed. My clone, Maybelle, did my research for me on that one. People just don't believe what other people will investigate in their houses! It was she who came up with the idea for nice colorful floral arrangements complete with grow-lights one can tuck discretely under the bathroom sink!

So that I can keep my wonderful, svelte figure, my clones and I take turns sampling all the edible recipes we concoct.

Oh, the list goes on! I think you'll find that the Accelerated Clone Program can make a difference in your own lives as well. After all, living is the most important thing, and we certainly do that in abundance around here.

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