Saddam and His Clones

In his own words... for better or for worse...

Saddam's photo

Life is dangerous. I know that. People are expendible -- Kuwaitis, Kurds, even my own son-in-law. But I'm not.

When you have the Mother of All Ego Complexes, there's only one solution: The Accelerated Clone Program.

Just like the odd biologicals I've got scattered around my nation, I've got copies of myself scattered into opulent palacial bunkers. I can lose a few tons of biologicals without breaking into a sweat; in similar fashion I can lose a few copies of myself -- but not, of course, The Original.

I'm safe from enemy missiles, backfiring Scuds, and nefariously plotting compatriots, thanks to the Accelerated Clone Program, and my willingness to pay any price to keep one -- and more! -- step ahead of those who would see me destroyed.

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