Socks and His Clones

They say it's a Dog's Life, and now that there's this big lug named Buddy hanging around, I'd have to say they're right.

Anyhow, I send in my clones to torment him. If he nabs one or two, no loss.

socks the cat foto

My human has clones, himself, so what's the big deal? No one ever makes anything over cat cloning and its immorality, just human. As if humans were the only intelligent species upon this planet. Right. I could tell you stories. And I watch my humans being picked upon and tormented -- rightfully -- but for all the wrong reasons. I mean, we cats, we cat around. We don't WANT clones for that!

Oh, yeah. So why do I have clones? Partly to torment Buddy. He's such an easy mark! You know what they say about dogs -- so eager to please! (Just like my human...) But, anyway.

I live in a house so big that multiples of me still have a hard time keeping up with the rodent population. And if I don't see my competition, so much the better. (Ed. Note: See the info on Cat Cloning.)

It's such a stress, being a First Cat. Oh, I AM the first Cat -- it's just that I hate cameras and attention when I don't initiate the demand myself. So, my clones handle that detail. And I get all the kitty treats.

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