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You find yourself in the Super Extra Megalith Plus Food Mart, wandering up and down the aisles, trying to put together a decent and well-balanced menu from the items at hand.

But the only foodstuff that you find that you can grasp and place in your cart are nuts. Desparately, you hunt for the milk, the vegetables, the fruit, the meats. When that fails, you settle for just enjoyable. Desparately, you hunt for the chips and sodas and cakes. They are not to be seen. Oh, perhaps a glimmer of crackers on the top shelf, but when you reach for the box and place it in your cart, it shifts and fades into a box of nuts.

You give in, knowing that you and your family need to eat. And so, then, your cart is filled with packages of nuts -- toasted, roasted, shelled and pickled. Sighing, you face the inevitable, and roll the cart to the check out cashier.

But, by the time you reach the lane, only a package of macadamia nuts and a box of almonds remains. All else in the shopping cart has vanished, one by one, as you wheeled the cart down the aisles.

And you stand there, almonds and macadamia nuts in hand, asked to choose between the two selections by the cashier. You can only leave with one, or the other. There are no other alternatives.

And, as you hear the rumblings in your starved belly, and the rustling of the line of customers growing impatient behind you (each with a jar of macadamia nuts and a box of almonds in hand), you remember one important thing:

That you're deathly allergic to both almonds and macadamia nuts.

... And that, folks, is how I regard this upcoming Presidential election. A waking nightmare.
And these nutcases will DARE to pretend they have a mandate !

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