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Nature Notes:

Ever so often, I bestir myself from the computer and go outside.

  • Wild Turkey. Sometimes we see the strangest things in this yard.

Humor, satire, rants:

On a range of topics.

  • The Cosmic Dusting. In honor of the latest bit about the destiny of our solar system 50 thousand years down the pike.
  • The Legume Liberation League. Fighting for Vegetable Rights across America. Give early and often. (Every previous place this has been printed has gone out of business, folded, or disappeared... An entire operating system and word processor [CP/M and WordStar] that it was originally typed up upon has gone defunct... Hmmmm...)
  • Moving to Montana. A real short essay wondering why it is so odd to want to "live and let live".
  • A Nightmare. They say there's a choice in the upcoming Presidential election. An extremely short allegory/nightmare. If you vote, complain. If you don't vote, complain anyway. (Like, who's gonna know?)
  • Creationism. An essay based on the Spring 1996 shenanegans in the Tennessee State Legislature.
  • The Creationism Site. Not available yet. Public service -- a list of Creation Theories, for any political entity which needs a selection. Named in honor of the state of Tennessee, which for some reason likes to get itself caught up in the evolution/creationism controversies. It's upcoming, just as soon as it finishes evolving.

Other essays:

Things which don't seem to have a category of their own.


You can access these from the Main Page, but what the hey.

  • Scotland. August 1995. Bad carpal tunnel when I wrote it, hence needs a bit of aesthetic rephrasing in places. Still, it was a good romp.


Yeah, some is coming. If I don't get terminally embarrassed first.


You won't see much of this here. It's all Ancient History. I gave it up for Lent years ago, and the world is a better place for that.

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