Skewed Visions - Left Bordered Backgrounds

There are now six of these. They're at 1200 pixels wide, to accomodate those lucky souls with large video displays. You can click on them to see how they will look tiled on your monitor, tiling down the left hand side of your screen.

Medieval and Renaissance re-creationists might like the first one; it features two fighters waving swords in threatening manners. Which is probably the only way to do that kind of thing. (Most of this image is white space.)

left-bordered swordplay

The second one might appeal to bibliophiles. It makes for an unending stack of books, never in need of dusting.

unending books

The third one comes from a photo taken on a Floridean beach as the sun made its way down towards the horizon.

beach shells

This is my cat's nose. Yes, Titania has found herself immortalized in a way she'd probably not appreciate if she ever bothered to pay attention to computers. Currently this nose, tiled, serves as my Windows wallpaper, which may give you an idea of how my mind works. Or not, as the case may be.

a cat's nose

One mid-March there was a bit of snow which subsumed quickly, showing the underlying dead grass. This photo has been manipulated fairly intensively.

a patch of snow

You may have guessed that small-cat-warnings are out in force all over my pages. Minimal photomanipulations here.

a cat named Kat

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