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The focus here is on backgrounds; usually with an eye towards web sites, but sometimes for wallpaper, etc.

Left-Bordered Backgrounds - I've just begun playing with these. Six samples so far -- all manipulated from photographs.

Vegetation-Themed Backgrounds - The maple and the sunflowers are probably recognizable as such; the rest have undergone extensive photo manipulations and may well serve as imaginative exercises for the viewer. (The background on this page is a manipulation of a woodruff photo.)

Cat-Themed Backgrounds, part I - Some of these are distinctly cat-like; others are odd texture manipulations from portions of cat photos.

Cat-Themed Backgrounds, part II -- the Knows Nose Page - No wonder Titania hates the camera.

Other Backgrounds, part I - Rocks, rugs, moths, sheep, and who knows what else. I didn't take notes.

Other Backgrounds, part II - Patterns and muted tones found in more everyday objects such as doors, shirts and the like.

Miscellaneous -- A couple of graphics that wouldn't serve well as backgrounds, busy or otherwise.

Okay, basic rules:

Choose what you want. Right-click on it, save it. Incorporate it into your own web page, or whatever. DON'T DON'T link back to the graphic as it stands here. For one thing, your site will run faster if all your graphics are found at your site. For another thing, this site will run slower, become more annoying, etc., if people make a habit of linking graphics here and there to their own place. Some servers get annoyed. We don't want that to happen...

If you want to link credit to this website (either the site as a whole or to this specific page), feel free. I'm not going to worry about it if you don't -- it's hard keeping track of what came from where before you get around to using it; just don't take credit yourself for graphics YOU didn't do.

Note: I have created some, but not all, my own graphics here at Diann's Nameless Lair. However, everything graphical in the Free Graphics pages are my own creations.

Backgrounds are useful for web page composition. You can put lots of text on the ones with the least amount of inherent contrast; use the clashier ones with larger text typefaces and fewer words.

Graphics have been created using Paint Shop Pro, and, in early desperation, the old Paintbrush program that comes with Windows 3.1 was used once. In the "old" days, some page headers (at this site, but not this page) were made using GIF Construction Set, which is also a good program for animations, if one has the patience to animate...

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