Preparing The Display

If you choose to enter the science fair you must make a display for your project. The first consideration should be size. Check to see the size that is allowed by the science fair. Also, there is no wall space available, so your display should be self-standing. Three-sided displays support themselves well, Figure 2 (missing). This type of display also helps you to organize the project. The center panel can be used to present your title and here you can include photographs, diagrams, or drawings of your work. The panel to the left can be used to display the purpose and procedure. Finally, the right-hand panel can be used for the results and conclusions. All these should be presented in shortened form. By using graphs and charts of the results, you can often convey the data in a concise manner. Your research paper and any equipment may be displayed on the table in front of this appealing display.

While what is displayed is the same for most projects, how the materials are displayed varies greatly. Many different kinds of materials could be used for backboards. Plywood, pressed board, or heavy cardboard would be a good choice. Foam-core posterboard is highly recommended for its light weight and strength. Hinges or heavy tape will hold the three sections together.

If the backboard needs to be painted choose an enamel paint as lettering will show up well against this background. Choose the lettering to give the proper emphasis to each area of the display: largest letters for the title; middle-sized letters for the headings like PURPOSE, RESULTS, etc.; and small letters for text. You can letter by hand, use stencils, or use stick-on letters. In any case, use light pencil lines to first plan out your work.

Drawings and photography can help to explain the project. Include labels with all drawings so that a viewer can completely understand them. Drawings and sketches should always be drawn lightly in pencil first; then ink and colors could be added. Hard pencils are best for these drawings as they are easier to erase. Be sure that all photographs and drawings are large enough and clear enough to show detail. Well done graphics will add to the display, poor ones will detract.

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