Science Fair Primer

by Ted Rowan

This primer is written to help my students develop science fair projects. These ideas have been developed over twenty years of teaching science through research projects. Others may find any or all parts of these documents helpful. Feel free to copy, use, and expand upon any ideas here. As of 2000, Falmouth Public Schools (MA) (USA) has held nineteen (19) Kindergarten through Twelfth grade Science Fairs where the work of SEVERAL hundred students were on display. Many students and my colleagues have aided with the development of these ideas but the mistakes are all my own. If you find any errors or have ideas for addition, please E-mail Ted Rowan at

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How Do I Get To The Science Fair?

    1. Develope a purpose

    2. Choose a Topic

    3. Narrow the Topic

    4. Get Help

    5. Design an Experiment

    6. Record your Results

    7. Analyze your Data

    8. Write a Research Report

    9. Prepare an Exhibit

    10. Prepare an Oral Presentation


    Click on Appendix I for an overview of your project. This link contains an extensive list of sites to help you with your project, included in Appendix I is the link below.

    Ideas and Techinical Help


    Judging Guidelines


    Science Fair Rules



Resource for Science Projects

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The Science Learning Network is an excellent resource for teachers.

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