Why should I do a science project?

As you are reading this you are showing interest in a science project and maybe even in entering the science fair. Doing a science project will help you to put into practice some of the science and math that you have learned. Also, a science project will help you to learn much more about a subject that interests you. Through the Falmouth Community Science Fair you will have an opportunity to share your new discoveries with the general public.

Participation and preparation for the science fair will develop several valuable skills. In addition to your learning more about science, you will also learn more about the use of the library. You will develop skills in art and perhaps photography as you prepare your display. You may discover an interest that can keep you actively in pursuit of knowledge well beyond high school. You will develop your communication skills during the fair, you will gain confidence in presenting your ideas to a variety of people. Self-confidence is a help anytime. Finally, high school participants at the local science fair compete for scholarships as well as the opportunity to go to the regional and state science fairs.

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