Appendix II


All exhibits must conform to the following rules and regulations to qualify for the Falmouth Science Fair. These rules and regulations should be considered as your project is developed. These are the rules and regulations that apply to the Massachusetts State Science Fair.

1. The project to be presented must be the work of a single student and must concern itself with a single subject.

2. Students are expected to keep a step by step notebook recording the development of the project, including references, original data, etc. Original data are of great value in all projects.

3. No exhibit should be larger than 122 cm. wide by 76 cm. deep by 274 cm. high from the floor. No oversize projects are allowed to exhibit.

4. Wall space for posters, tape, tacks, etc. is not available. Students should construct their exhibits so that wall space is not necessary. Exhibitors must supply their own thumb tacks, tape and other tools.

5. Because of space limitations, antenna lines and other long leads are prohibited.

6. No lighting is permitted on displays.

7. No running water is available.

8. After a project is inspected for compliance with these rules and regulations no changes are permitted.

9. Students are expected to stay with their projects during the fair. If an exhibitor must leave for a short time, they should leave word at a neighboring project.

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