How to choose a topic.

The first and sometimes the hardest part of a science project is to get a clear idea of the problem that you are investigating. Where do you look for a problem which interests you? It is important to work on something you like. Often the environment around your home will give you an idea. Perhaps you might find topics discussed in the newspaper or on the television; particularly if they are local problems which look to scientific methods for solution.

If these fail to yield an idea then you might check your science textbook for suggested projects. Many science textbooks contain lists of project work. If you are still undecided then a trip to the library may help. A librarian can direct you in your search. The appendix to this document contains a list of Falmouth High School Library books which are good sources for projects. As you scan the list, try to stay close to the subject area that you are studying in school or to a subject area that really interests you. Perhaps a talk with your science teacher might help you find a topic. Finally after considering hundreds of ideas, you will eventually settle on the best one for you.

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