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“In The Deck” allows me to give you some idea of the type of music I like, while staying current and avoiding a lengthy itemization. Here is a listing of the five disks that are currently in my home cd-changer, as well as the in-dash player in my car. I’ll try to update this every coupla’ weeks or so.

Updated April 19, 2000:

In CD Changer:

  1. “Magnolia, Music from the Motion Picture” - Aimee Mann
    Aimee Mann’s songs are like Chicago on a dreary gray and rainy afternoon. Seemingly simple and a little unfinished, but revealing fascinating complexities upon careful consideration. Gloriously unique, truly sad and ultimately beautiful, with just the tiniest bit of hopeful optimism peaking out from around the corner. I adore Aimee Mann.
  2. “Everything's Different Now” - Till Tuesday
    The last Till Tuesday album. “J is for Jules” is one of my very favorite love/hate songs. Poppy and not as sad as Aimee’s solo stuff... unless, of course, you pay attention to the lyrics.
  3. “On How Life Is” - Macy Gray
    If you haven’t heard of Macy Gray yet, then you must be living in a cave. Known primarily for her distinctive voice, which sounds sort of like Tina Turner channeling Billie Holiday, this ingenue’s lyrics are equally intriguing--if at times a bit off-putting.
  4. “Telling Stories” - Tracy Chapman
    As dark as ever, perhaps a bit more jazzy than before. My favorite is “Wedding Song”, which somehow takes the subject of true love and devotion and gives it the depth and seriousness it deserves.
  5. “I've Got a Right to Cry” - Mandy Barnett
    This wonderful woman performed on the boat cruise at this year’s Bear Jam in Nashville. What a knockout! Known locally for her role in the stage production of “Always Patsy Cline”, her sensational voice is perfectly suited for these traditional country covers. The disk is perhaps an even truer tribute to Patsy Cline than kd Lang’s “Shadowland”, (one of my absolute all-time favorite disks ever). Epecially remarkable is Owen Bradley’s backing vocal arrangements. A must-hear.

In the Car Deck:

  • “Southern Decadence 1999” - MixSir Productions
    This is the dance mix CD I bought from the DJ at Lafitte’s last year. Still sounding fresh... with cuts like “Sexual” by Amber and Whitney’s “Its Not Right... But Its Okay”. Boom, boom, boom... drawn to the throbbing disco beat.