Steps on Sending Anonymous Email Using Private Idaho's Nym Menu

Last Updated on Aug 2, 1997

  1. You must have your Nym account setup already with Nym.Alias.Net. If you have not done this yet, please read Nymnew.faq
  2. Select Clear All from the Edit Menu
  3. Select Auto-close PGP from the PGP menu.
  4. Select a person from the To: drop down list or type in the person's email address. Please note, to add names to the drop down list, open your address book which is under the File menu.
  5. Enter a Subject in the Subject field.
  6. Type your message in the message window. For example, "This is a test message sent via Private Idaho".
  7. Select Prepare Nym Message from the Nym menu.
  8. Several things will happen. Your message window should look like this:
  9. PGP will exit to DOS and ask for the password that you are using for your alias account. If the password is correct your message window should have encrypted text within it.
  10. If it is not, go back to number 2 above and start over.
  11. Adding a Remailer, BEFORE your email arrives at its destination. (Note this is optional)
  12. Now the only thing that's left to do is to post the message. This is done via the Send button. If you are online, press the Send button. If you are not online, select Connect from the File menu and subsequent to connecting, select the Send button.

For instructions on how to send anonymous posts to newsgroups via an EMAIL GATEWAY account, read News3nym.faq

For instructions on how to send anonymous posts to newsgroups via a MAIL2NEWS GATEWAY read Newsnym3.faq

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