Steps on Setting Up a New Anonymous Account at Nym.Alias.Net Using Private Idaho

Last Updated on Nov 9, 1996

  1. You need Grab a copy of Private Idaho, if you don't have one already.
  2. Before you go through this process you should probably check to see, if someone has already taken the anonymous name that you want to use. This can be accomplished by sending an email to:
  3. Before Loading Private Idaho copy ALL of the Remailer PGP keys that are included in a file called RMKEYS.TXT. These keys should be added to your Public key ring. Add all of them. If you are looking for a program that will facilitate adding these keys, then you may want to get a copy of Aegis's PGPSHELL program. Really nice Windows based program. This Windows based shell can be obtained at
  4. If any text is in any of the fields of the Private Idaho screen, select Clear All from the Edit menu.
  5. Select Auto-close PGP from the PGP menu.
  6. Select Remailers | Advanced Cyperpunk and ensure that Encrypt to Remailers is the only option that is checked.
  7. Select Newsgroups from the menu and ensure that None is the only option that is checked.
  8. Before setting up an account with you MUST have created a public and private key JUST for the alias name that you will be creating in Private Idaho.
  9. In addtion, the key that you are about to create will ONLY be used with the alias name that you will be creating with Private Idaho.
  10. This is done by selecting Create Key Pair from the Keys menu in Private Idaho.
  11. Click on Update PUBKEYS.OUT from the Keys menu.
  12. Select Create Nym from the Nym menu.
  13. The To: box will have and the text in your message window will be ENTIRELY encrypted. It is this ENCRYPTED message that should be mailed to to open up your account. If the message window does not have encrypted text within it, then you will probably have to select the PGP DOS session windows that are created by Private Idaho. Just click on these instances and you will be returned to Private Idaho.
  14. If you are online just click on the Send button. If you are not online, click on the Connect option in the File menu and subsequent to connecting, select the Send button.
  15. You will now have to wait for email confirmation from BEFORE you can start to use your anonymous name. This can take a day or two. However, you can confirm that your anonymous name has been added by sending an email to:
  16. If you are not notified within one day, then I would redo the whole process again or

For instructions on how to send anonymous posts to newsgroups via an EMAIL GATEWAY account, read News3nym.faq

For instructions on how to send anonymous posts to newsgroups via a MAIL2NEWS GATEWAY read Newsnym3.faq

For instructions on how to send Anonymous Email using Private Idaho's Nym Funtion, read Mailnym2.faq.

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