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                     Frequently Asked Questions
                            25 May 1995

                       IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER!

     The use of PGP raises  a number of political  and legal
     issues.  I AM NOT a lawyer and AM NOT qualified to give
     any legal opinions.  Nothing in this document should be
     interpreted  as legal advice.   If you  have any  legal
     questions concerning the use of PGP, you should consult
     an  attorney who  specializes in  patent and/or  export
     law.   In any case,  the law  will vary from country to


This is the list of Frequently Asked Questions for the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption program written by Phillip Zimmermann. It is one of two FAQ lists for the newsgroup

The other FAQ list is the "Where to Get PGP" FAQ, which is written and maintained by Michael Paul Johnson . It covers many topics this one does not; in particular, it contains more complete information on sites that distribute PGP and the legal and technical questions surrounding its distribution. You may get a current copy from:

It should be noted that most of the questions and answers concerning PGP apply equally well to the ViaCrypt(tm) version. Material for this FAQ has come from many different sources. It would be difficult to name each of the contributors individually, but I would like to thank them as a group for their assistance.

The ? indicates the file format: clearsigned text (txt), gzipped version of clearsigned text (txt.gz), PGP-signed-and-compressed binary (pgp), or ASCII armored PGP-signed-and-compressed file (asc).

The PGP FAQ is also posted to news.answers and alt.answers, and can be found in any of the standard FAQ repositories in the three-part form it is posted in.

Permission is granted to copy, archive, or otherwise make this FAQ available in any way you please, with only the following restriction: that in every place where this FAQ may be accessed, it must also be reasonably easy for a user to access a copy of the FAQ with its PGP signature(s) from me intact. This ensures that uncorrupted copies of the FAQ get propagated where those who care can check them, and also preserves attributions, etc. If you HTMLize this document, you can tag the two links mentioned above if you want to avoid storing multiple copies of the FAQ.

Future plans for the FAQ: