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    • Synopsis: Into Thin Air
      • Last spring, Jon Krakauer, the acclaimed author of Into the Wild, undertook a magazine assignment about expensive adventure/thrill trips around the world. And, in May, he went with an expedition to Mt. Everest, investigating how wise or safe it is to tackle the world's tallest peak. When disaster struck, killing eight climbers, Krakauer survived by luck, skill, and discipline. Now, he has written the definitive account of this headline-making tragedy.
      • Folks, this book IS a page turner. You will be enveloped with the danger and tension that existed during this most unfortunate climb and will come away from this book with an awesome appreciation for the skills that one must possess to reach the top of the world. This book WILL have an effect on you, without a doubt.
    • Synopsis: The Partner
      • Literary slugger John Grisham returns with a story about-- surprise!--a lawyer in trouble. Patrick Lanigan had been a young partner in a prominent Southern law firm. He had a beautiful wife, a new baby girl, and a bright future. Then one winter night Patrick was trapped in a burning car; the casket they buried held nothing but ashes. A short distance away, Patrick watched his own burial then fled. A fortune was stolen from his ex-firm's offshore account. And Patrick ran, covering his tracks the whole way. But, now, they've found him.
    • Synopsis: The Night Crew
      • Roaming the night streets of Los Angeles in search of news items for their cameras, Anna Hatory and her crew of video freelancers are shattered by the death of a suicidal jumper and the murder of one of their team members, a crime that bares dangerous secrets from the past. BOMC Main.
    • Synopsis: Neverwhere
      • A masterful work of dark, haunting power by the author of the bestselling graphic novel The Sandman. The day after Richard Mayhew rescues a young girl he finds bleeding on the sidewalk, his life is radically changed. He finds himself living in an underworld that exists in a subterranean labyrinth beneath London.

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