Edition No. 2 - Summer, 1997

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Greetings, literature fans, and welcome to Tawdry Town Edition No. 2. We have been burning the proverbial midnight oil to bring you a bigger, more colorful, and generally more reprehensible production than last-go-round.

    Since the Publication of Edition #2, Tawdry Town has been awarded:

The Seven Wonders  award for Originality and Quality on the Web, and

has been listed on the Interport's Top 100 User Pages.

Exhibits in this edition:

    Collecting Paperbacks, by Gary Lovisi (our first submission), together
                                a letter to the paperback community..

    Nonfiction (Yeah, Right) Sleaze - the spawn of Psychopathia Sexualis.

    This Month's Spotlight: Every Good Child Deserves a Gold Medal - A few words (and images) about Fawcett Publications' finest and most influential paperback label.

    Gallery of Recent Acquisitions - fine cover art, from books uncovered at thrift stores, church and library sales, used bookstores, street sellers, vintage paperback dealers, and even the occasional fellow collector.

Permanent Exhibits:
  1. VINTAGE PAPERBACKS ON THE WEB - The Tawdromatic Guide - links to all of the Vintage Paperbacks sites on the Web that I and my correspondents can find.
  2. From Tawdry Town, Edition 1: Introduction:  Statement of Purpose and a Short History of the Paperback Book.
  3. From Tawdry Town, Edition 1: There's Gold in That There Sleaze! - The Collector's Market in Tawdry Paperbacks
  4. From Tawdry Town, Edition 1: Sleazy Paperback or Paperback Sleaze? - "Vintage Paperback" v. "Paperback Exotica.
  5. Sources used in preparation of this site and of additional information about vintage paperback books..
  6. Links to other  low culture sites and other things I like.
 Articles for future editions: Portions of Edition No. 1 have been reprinted in Unravel the Gavel, a New England newspaper published by Kathy Greer, devoted to antiques and auctions with a strong online presence.  .

 Tawdry Town is actively searching for contributors.   Compared to some vintage paperback collectors, I am strictly a beginner; owning only a couple of hundred volumes; I know of some collectors who own thousands, (many of whom, not surprisingly, have ended up as dealers). I am particularly interested in publishing articles about or mounting exhibitions of works by significant low-rent paperback authors, both those revered in later years and those still held in general disrepute, such as Jim Thompson, Charles Willeford, Ed Wood, Mary Jane Meaker (aka Ann Aldridge and Vin Packer), Orrie Hitt, etc. If you would like to submit an article or a collection for display and you either live in the New York area or can submit the appropriate computer files by mail or email, please contact me here:


Special thanks for this edition of Tawdry Town go to Gary Lovisi, Kathy Greer, David Frame,

Tawdry Town is currently a nonprofit effort (I have assumed all costs) and is not in a position to offer compensation for any such contributions, other than appropriate credit and gratitude. Any dealers helping us out will be given due attribution.

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