Using search engines and tips from our correspondents, I am trying to maintain the most extensive possible collection of links to sites on the World Wide Web devoted to vintage paperbacks, to be updated at least monthly.  Book dealers are listed only if they concentrate on vintage paperbacks or at least maintain them as a sub-specialty; not that I have anything against general antiquarian book dealers, but there are just too many of them out there and I just want to have enough remaining time in the day to have some feeble semblance of a life.  This field is growing like cudsu - the last version of this list had only a few sites, and now look what's happening!  Please contact me about any additional sites I may have missed.
(c) 1997 - Stephen Alexander Loeb
I. LABORS OF LOVE - Ezines, personal sites and academic efforts.

Books Go To War - a wonderful article about the Armed Force Editions

Lurid PaperbackofWeek  - a totally cool, constantly updated series of classic paperback covers

Mass Marketed - Lisa Priest's vintage paperback ezine, with multiple articles on a variety of subjects and the Goofball Sleaze Vintage Paperback of the Month

MetroActive Books | Pulp Fiction Novels - A good introduction to vintage paperbacks, published by Metroactive, a Bay Area ezine

The Paperback and Pulp Waystation - a paperback and pulp information site, with a particularly fine (and for the author, invaluable) collection of links.

Paperback Cover Art Illustrators - an exhibit by three students at the University of North Carolina, of art by the most celebrated cover artists, with paperback covers (all non-sleazy) drawn from the University's rare books collection.  This is serious stuff, seriously presented.

Paperback Cover Illustrations  - a highly recommended selection of classic, non-sleazy covers.

Paperbacks as an Area of Bibliographical Study: The Case of Virginia Woolf's Orlando - would you believe an academic treatise on how the different paperback editions of a classic work reflect changes in society?  Now that takes nerve!

Paperbacks, Pulps and Pin-Ups - a strikingly presented site devoted to Australian paperbacks, pulps, etc., full of images and information (and I think I have problems finding information about American books!)

The Mystery Zone Mysterious Image Vault - a collection of classic mystery paperback and pulp covers, part of "The World's First Online Magazine of Mystery, Suspense and Crime Fiction."

PULP FICTION MAGAZINE COVERS - A link to Joe Bates' astonishing collection of trash paperback covers, which is only part of a huge site also including weird comic books, freak show photos, Betty Page photos - prepare to have your mind boggled.

II.  WEDDINGS OF ART AND COMMERCE - dealers and other commercial enterprises

ALL-ELECTRIC PAPERBACKS ONLINE USED BOOKSTORE (Rev. 4/14/97) - a vintage paperback dealer with extensive online listings

Archive Books - Pulp Fiction - Classic Pulps - a dealer's online catalog, organized both by category and author, with, thank you very much, substantial historical information

Cobblestone Books - a dealer

CYBERTIQUES - "Antiques from Cyberspace" - dealer with one of the best selection of books, and a great selection of links

A. S. Elkins - OLD BOOKS ON THE STRAIT - Antiquarian and used book dealer with online catalogue of mystery paperbacks

FANTASTIC COLLECTIBLES - dealer specializing in science fiction, with nice cover art reproductions

Groovy Collectible Records And Paperbacks - dealer with a nice selection of science fiction and fantasy paperbacks listed by both title and author

Kayo Books - possibly the country's only retail store devoted to vintage paperbacks (most dealers do not operate actual stores) with a wonderful page of cover art (both sleazy and non-).

LOST DUTCHMAN COMICS-Key Paperback - J.D. - Comic Books - Non-Sport Cards - a vintage paperback and comic dealer

Mark's Vintage Paperbacks - Used & Rare Paperbacks - Books - dealer with one of the best cover art galleries  - Mark also publishes an email zine about paperbacks, which is well worth your while, and has online auctions.

Olde Current Books - dealer specializing in beat, counterculture and juvenile delinquency and digests.

Pandora's Books Online - one of the most extensive online listings

PC Design "Vintage Paperback & Pulp Fiction Cover Art" - folks who have created a series of postcards, t-shirts and other items incorporating cover art from classic paperbacks (sleazy and otherwise).

Pfeiffer's Postcards, Small Antiques and Collectibles, Comics, Magazines, Paperbacks, Collectible Books (Nothing larger than a breadbox)  - a nice, self-explanatory site

Rough Edges - a book dealer specializing in vintage and collectible paperbacks, with titles separately listed by category.

Welcome to The Vintage Library - a unique site serving as both a seller of reprints of vintage pulp fiction and, in the case of material not available in print, providing free electronic publication.

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