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I worked as a microcomputer support person in the Office of the Chancellor from February 1991 to August 1996 (before that I was a student; you can see my student jobs on my resume). My job evolved quite a bit in the course of my time there, and I did a bit of just about everything a technical person can do in an administrative office on a college campus.

Job Description
Although it became quite dated while I was doing the job, this was the "official" job description for my postion. While I did everything mentioned (at one time or another) it was perhaps 20% accurate for my job at the time I left the University.

What the Heck Did I Do All Day
If the job description wasn't up-to-date, then what did I spend my time doing every day? Here's a quick-and-dirty look.

Stuff I Wrote
Here is a list of the things I wrote for the Office of the Chancellor, either for instructional or informational purposes. Some of it is actually interesting or useful, and I've received requests for permission to use or reprint some of them (which I like to give).

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