Linda, baritone/tenor, began her barbershop singing career with Women of Note, a chapter of Harmony, Inc. At various times she sang lead and tenor, served as section leader of each of the sections, served on various committees and in various leadership positions, both musical and administrative. Linda brings great pride to Zing! for her world's smallest song lists, unabridged travel guides, and creative interpretation plans.

Linda works as a software engineering project leader in her spare time. She is currently looking for a new project that can benefit from her amazing organizational skills.  If you know someone in technology in Boston's MetroWest area put in a good word for her!  (Her resume is available on several formats, as you would expect.)

As if that weren't enough she may also be seen in various dance venues--mostly east coast swing and lindy hop dancing but also salsa, country two-step, west coast swing, cajun two-step, and polka (she didn't quite master the tango on that layover in Argentina)--and traipsing from continent to continent (6 down; 1 to go--and it's NOT Antarctica).

Linda is the paperwork drone for the quartet. As such she reads everything addressed to the quartet. If you would like to send email she'll make sure the whole quartet gets a copy.

She has also become semi-famous for the one and only Linda's Anal Retentive Contest Packing Sheet. Since she has gotten a request or two for the list, here is an example. (It wouldn't be anal retentive if she didn't update it for every contest, now would it?)

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