Noreen, tenor/baritone, will always remember her years with Zing!, besides for the miles of driving, as lively, challenging and exciting! After stepping in for former baritone, Debbie Borsari, she found that not only was the musical aspect of her life going to change, but so was the personal aspect as well. She found in Zing! a dedication to musical entertainment at its best, a professionalism she's not found elsewhere, and the biggest warm embrace imaginable. Each member is extremely talented and offered many ideas and skills to the foursome. They became fast friends.

Although retiring from Zing, she is keeping her fingers in the barbershop pot! She continues to direct "NoteAble Blend," a new women's barbershop chorus located in Taunton, MA. She is very busy working with the chorus' Music Education Chairwoman, Jan Brown, a Lakeville, MA, music teacher, to develop several training workshops from basic music theory to barbershop craft to offer to chorus members and the public. She's also beginning to dabble a little into arranging songs in the barbershop style.

And if that weren't enough, she absolutely loves spending "sleep-over" weekends with her granddaughter, Kaylee, who can be found quite often climbing up onto Noreen's piano bench, playing the keys, singing, and swaying to the music! Ah, a future barbershopper in the making!

No matter what, she will always remain a Zing!er!

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