Zing!'s Collection of Cool Things


Cool things that we use ourselves:

 Zing! ground rules

 Linda's Anal Retentive Contest Packing Sheet

What other people say about Zing!


Pointers to some of the barbshop organizations:

   Harmony, Inc. (the organization Zing! belongs to)

Area 2 of Harmony, Inc. (Zing!'s Area)



 Sweet Adelines International


Pointers with information on other barbershop groups and resources:

Women of Note Chapter 
of Harmony, Inc.

Harmonize.com - a site
that offers web space

The Ultimate in
Barbershop Links

  NoteAble Blend Chapter
of Harmony, Inc.

The Boston A Cappella Scene - A Cappella Performances in Zing!'s general area

Harmonet Central




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