Zing! Old Photo Gallery

These are some older photos, in case you want to see even more history.

Click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized (sometimes monster-sized when Linda can't figure out her tools) photo.

Our first contest, AC&C April 1996 (Yes, that's Shanno with the big hair.) Harmonet gathering in Indy (July '97), with Walter & Marjorie Latzko
AC&C April 1997 In the stands in Indy, with another coach Chris Peterson of The Management
Cool hats from Shanno's mom, with our motto "You go, girl!" Zing! at NED contest, October '96 (approximately 4 a.m.) No thanks, one chair is plenty!
Our fab legs in borderline obnoxious Zing! tights In the stands in SLC, July '96 (Nice top, Tracy. Perhaps we should re-name her "Racy.")
Silliness abounds before our on-stage time, again showing off our tights & Zing! shoes International (2nd round) November '96 (I can't believe we let someone pose us this way!)
Singing with one of our coaches, Steve Tramack (director of the Nashua Granite Statesmen) Shanno's dad's official contest photo. Shanno's mom used it to draw the caricature of us which appears at the top of our home page.
International November 1996 (Shanno would just like to note that the amount of leg she is showing was the photographer's idea and not hers.) Backrubs while watching fireworks in Indy, with coach Chris & Deb's dad, Jim Dodge
International Halloween 1997, our happy pose. Too bad it's only in black and white. International, Halloween 1997, our serious pose. Not Shanno and Linda's favorite as far as matching facial expressions go.
The formal photo of the recipients of the Jean Eggleton award for the non-medalist quartette that scored highest in Presentation. Note that this photo was taken the day after the contest (11/1/97), since Zing! was not attired in their formalwear when the announcment was made. Doh!    

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