Here are some words of wisdom that you'll occasionally hear from our family:


Things we've said to our children:

"No matter how high a crow flies, you can always break a window with a hammer. "

"Why? I'll tell you "Why." Because ice cream has no bones."

"You can ask your mother, and never hear the answer... or ask your father and never hear the end of the answer."

"Remember: you can't eat an elephant in one bite."

General musings:

Social Science... Political Science... any field of study that has the word "Science" in its own description isn't Science.

Making a website is like making a baby... the start of the project is approached with much enthusiasm, but 9 months later, nobody wants to handle the daily maintenance.

Points to ponder:

Should Woody Allen's movie "Manhattan" be reclassified as an autobiography?

Should Michael Crichton still write books, or should he just go directly to writing the screenplay?

If it has neither eggs nor cream, then why is it called an egg cream?

If computers can store more and more information on smaller and smaller hard drives, how long do we have to wait until computers can store everything on nothing?

Corrections to last week's edition:

Calista Flockhart has never won the Welterweight Boxing Championship.

Brazil does not use French Toast as currency.

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