Who needs to waste time?  You do, you do.
Here are some of Bob's suggestions for places to visit.

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy - 6,900 entries that make up the collective memory of our American culture. Peruse entries such as Rachel Carson ... "The medium is the message"... Burgess Shale ..."I never met a man I didnít like" ... Dred Scott decision.  All of us should have learned these things in school, because, as the Residents once said, "Ignorance of your culture is not considered cool."

Find a Poem - The Academy of American Poets. No more tossing and turning at night trying to remember what comes after that famous first line. Also useful for inscribing cards and books. Just give it a topic, press search, and pick your favorite.

Turns of Phrase Index - Features words that are relatively new and which often have not yet reached the dictionaries. Be the first on your block to use them in a sentence.

Popular Urban Legends - I found out about this site from my sister-in-law's baby-sitter's cousin's friend, so it must be true.

This American Life - staff favorites. Listen to David Sedaris, Ira Glass, and Sarah Vowel. Real Audio required, but it's worth the hassle to hear David Sedaris read his own stuff. It's exquisite.

Heavens-Above - Want to spot satellites—such as the International Space Station—as they move across the night sky? This site provides times of visibility and detailed star charts showing their paths through the heavens.

Female or Shemale quiz - I don't need to say anything else to pique your curiosity on this one, do I?

The Onion - Consistently one of the funniest sites on the Internet. They were even funny on 9-11. Check out the categorized archives.

The Smoking Gun Archive - Spend hours here. Wadda ya wanna see? The Memphis Medical Examiner's report on Elvis? Britney Spears' backstage catering requirement for six cans of COKE? Bill Gates' 1977 mugshot by the Albuquerque, NM police after a traffic violation? It's all here.

Bar Code Art - It's amazing what one man can do with a bunch of thick and thin lines. This highly interactive site also features an animated sign language clock, a clever loop depicting All Is Zero And One, a color halftone self-portrait made with Ecstacy pills... and of course a gallery of famous people drawn with bar codes.

Mark's Apology Note Generator - As the site says, "Love, marriage, and relationships can be difficult. Sometimes, all it takes is an apology. I've resorted to using this simple form for all my butt-kissing needs."

Google Bomb - My participation in the campaign to remove an anti-Semitic website from the top Google result when searching for "Jew" and replace it with a site that's strictly informative.

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