Ivory Netsuke


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Monkey Trainer with Monkey over his left shoulder.
Sambaso. Marine Ivory.
Unsigned. 19C. 3 (7cm).

Happy Monkey around cherry blossoms.
Unsigned. E.19C. 1 . ( 3.8cm).

Two Dragons entwined in the shape of a Temple Bell.
The back decorated with a lotus branch.
Signed: Ichi..(?) L.19C. 1 x 1 (3x2 cm).

Seated Ram, head turning to the left.
Front legs outstretched, hind legs drawn for compactness.
Unsigned. L.19C. 1 (3.8cm).

Crouching Karako holding a ball (Walrus tooth).
Unsigned. 18 C. 1 (3x2.5cm).

Chroyo kneeling next to Kosekiko on horse back
and offering the later his lost shoe.
Signed: Tomotane. M.19C. 1 (4cm).

Yama Uba and Kintoki sitting on a rock looking at a monkey and a hare
wrestling. Behind them a jesters monkey with a stolen peach in his hand.
Exquisitely carved in marine ivory.
Signed: Ono Ryoji with Kao. .19C. Ex. Carlo Monzini coll. 1 (3.5cm)

Hanasaka Jiji sitting on a tree stump with his basket of seeds.
The old man who makes dead trees flower.
Signed: Ryuraku. 19 C. 1 (3.2cm).

Bronze Yatate (writing implement) in the shape of a pumpkin.
Unsigned. 19C. 6 3/8 (16cm).

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