Wood Netsuke


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Standing Daikoku, with his left leg leaning on a bag.
He also represent the black God, Mahakara, (Daikokujin).
Unsigned: c.1900. 2 ( 5.8cm).

Shoki and Oni. Shoki sitting on a plinth,
his head turned while he holds an Oni who kneels in front of him.
The latter vigorously tries to escape.
Signed: Miwa with Kakihan. L.18C. 1 (3cm).

Karako in a long buttoned robe with jacket holding a puppy.
Buttons, hair-knot and dog patches inlaid in dark horn.
Unsigned. E.19C. 2 1/8 ( 5.2cm).

Toad on a sandal. Strong, ready to jump, frog sitting
on an upturned sandal with thick braided strings.
Signed: Tomin (Minko school). L.18C. 2 (5.3cm).

Seated Monkey. Speak no Evil, See no Evil, Hear no Evil.
Unsigned. E. 20C. 1 (4.5 cm)

Naturalistic study of an Aubergine with reddish brown patination.
Unsigned. 19C. 2 (5cm).

South Sea Islander carrying a branch of coral.
Gilded cord and bracelets.
Signed: Norimitsu. 19C. 1 (3cm).

Smiling mask of Okame with a stylized hairdoo.
Signed Jogyoku. 19C.. 1 (3cm).

Roiro ground lacquer Pipe case decorated with
leafy vines in Takamakie and Nashiji. Highlights in Aogai.
Coral lady bug perched atop one leaf.
(slight age crack at he top of the shaft).
Unsigned. 19C. 8 (22.25 cm)

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