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Here are a few pictures my '87 and '90 Westfalia Syncros in action. My email is

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The van crosses a stream on a canoe expedition to Hudson Bay.

On a canoe expedition to Nova Scotia the van must travel a watery road.

Another motorcycle is attached at the rear. Note the awning on the side.

Despite chains, the van is stuck on a muddy abandoned logging road in Vermont.

On a muddy road in Vermont, the van simply sinks in.

A high lift jack works better than this little dippy factory jack.

When the snowmobile trail gets too steep, we have to winch. Snow depth here is about 24 inches. Tires are inflated to 14 psi. Note the snow chains. Note also the Oettinger fog lamps.

Making hot chocolate on the trail. It is minus 5 degrees F here.

This 15 mile road was so bad it took us two days to drive it.

One of the reasons the road took us so long was we had to build a bridge.

These boards we keep on the roof for bridge building purposes; when things get bad we take them down and drive on them.

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You only get to change your ring and pinions once every 10 or 20 years

       because that's how long the average syncro transmission goes before

       its next rebuild. Start planning for higher number ring and pinion sets NOW!