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Technical communication has been mired in Inexcusable Complexity for 40 years,    PDF, 8 pages, June 2013.

A theory that there is an optimum structure for data objects is presented in
Toward Perfect Information Microstructures,    PDF 26 pages, updated January 2010.
Reasons for making data objects purely connective, asymmetric, and all the same are similar to reasons for making wheels round or pillars vertical.

Formal Language as a Medium for Technical Education    9 pages, September 2013. Poor understanding of data object structure may be debilitating technical education. Use of traditional mathematical representation forces imprecise expression of much precise information requiring students to reconstruct and integrate it from informal expressions.

Technical Fluency Stifled for Decades    PDF 15 pages, January 2010.

References on Software Simplification    PDF 3 pages, June 2013.

     Elementary data objects, designed for easy arrangement
                                   The final optimum?

EM field
                 Model of an electromagnetic field

The Electromagnetic Field in Space-time    7 pages, April 2004
The Clock Paradox    1 page, December 1998
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