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The Music




Our 60-minute "Global Harmonies" set begins with freedom songs from South Africa, where bass Alan Field works with local communities to install Macintosh computers in classrooms while touring with the international chorus, Sharing a New Song.

Mediterranean harmonies then move to the Balkans, Italy and Spain, where alto Liz Lewis spent her junior year abroad.

Lingua Franca crosses the Channel with chanteys from the Netherlands and Britain, to England where tenor Ed Softky and soprano Lynn Noel have collected pub songs and sea music as morris dancers.

Sailing out across the North Atlantic, we return to North America with French-Canadian voyageur songs and Ojibwa chants from Lynn's decade of work with the Canadian Park Service, and sacred harp and Appalachian hymns from Ed and Liz's roots in American popular music.

South of the border, the set celebrates Latin rhythms with traditional and new music from Latin America, where Liz works in international health care.

Lingua Franca also offers four other 40-minute sets:

  • Selections from "Bound for Glory: the Words and Music of Woody Guthrie" (from the spring 2000 production of the Folk Song Society of Greater Boston)
  • Christmas and holiday carols from many lands (audience participation)
  • Sea chanteys and maritime music of the North Atlantic
  • Selections from "A Woman's Way: The First Millennium of Adventurous Women" with Lynn Noel